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About this website

One can say Janet Beckley always had a love for humanity and her career in Radio and Television utilized that creative spirit in her. The talent she brought forth had Global, Regional and corporate sponsors brand their company name with a turn toward humanitarian efforts. Working with these Global, National and Regional Businesses, Janet’s creative talents lead to some well-known and successful events.

joyshare.org’s originator Jeff Angell designs and maintains the website. His acumen for style, design and motion in his work makes for an outstanding URL for joyshare.org. Without Jeff’s input, joyshare.org would not be possible.

Janet’s humanitarian efforts stemmed from Albania’s “Hands of Hope” golf tournament to work in Jamaica with the “ St. Lucia’s Mission in Technology,” and then Reykjavik, Iceland’s, “Let’s Talk to Santa.” golf Tournaments with the “Make a Wish Foundation,” in Greenwich, and close to home “Spectacular Tastes,” a fundraiser for PRASAD in Greenwich, Ct. made all the effort worthwhile. There were numerous events with the US Marine Corps, “Toys for Tots,” and a clothing drive for the First Responders for 9/11.

PRASAD is a global charitable organization committed to uplifting the lives of economically disadvantaged people around the world. PRASAD programs in India, Mexico and the United States impact thousand of people annually. PRASAD takes a holistic approach, because the most vulnerable people face numerous hardships, addressing just one area of need isn’t adequate. PRASAD helps to develop wide-ranging, sustainable solutions to these challenges, to make life-changing impacts possible.

If you are interested in learning more about PRASAD please contact Jannivationevents@gmail.com or go directly to the PRASAD website: www.PRASAD.org