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About this website

Born out of love for humanity, Janet Ann Beckley executed Events and Promotion since 1996. Working in Radio and TV Janet utilized a creative talent for global, regional and corporate sponsors to brand their name with a turn toward humanitarian efforts. Work from Jamaica, to St. Lucia, to Reykjavik, Iceland and Albania and the United States and there were many events that branded the Corporations with a worthwhile cause like the charities mentioned below; “Hands of Hope, in Albania,” “Make a Wish Foundation,” in the United States,” “St. Lucia’s Mission for children’s Technology,” “Let’s Talk to Santa,” in Reykjavik, Iceland, and close to home there was “Spectacular Tastes,” a fundraiser in Greenwich, CT for “PRASAD” project.

The PRASAD Project is a global charitable organization committed to uplifting the lives of economically disadvantaged people around the world. Our programs in India, Mexico, and the United State impact thousands of people annually. PRASAD (Philanthropic Relief, Altruistic Service And Development) takes a holistic approach. Because the most vulnerable people face numerous hardships, addressing just one area of need isn’t adequate. PRASAD helps to develop wide-ranging, sustainable solutions to these challenges, to make life-changing impact possible.

joyshare.org was born out of the latest creative events that took place because of the global pandemic. The website is maintained by Jeff Angell, an animator and video production artist.